About Mountain Laurel Farm

Mountain Laurel Farm
Mountain Laurel Farm

Mountain Laurel Farm is an idea. It is also a place – a place where you can find the time and space to reconnect with what matters most to you.

Mountain Laurel Farm is a place comprised of separate and complementary elements that include…

The calm supportive environment of a rustic lodge intentionally built by a group of family and friends to nurture and encourage the spirit and strength within.

A healthy and productive small organic farm, garden, and orchard that are carefully hand cultivated and managed to create sustainable balance.

Fresh mountain air and water, open spaces, and beautiful views that renew the body and mind.

A breathtaking unpolluted night sky that inspires a sense of continuity, wonder, and gratitude.

Mountain Laurel Farm is a place where wholesome connections can be built or rebuilt in person. It is a place for the quiet conversations, genuine laughter, and authentic sharing that result from meaningful personal experiences.

Let us help you build an experience for your group. Perhaps you are…

Gathering to celebrate the unity of a family through marriage

Gathering to reunite a group or commemorate a special occasion

Gathering to pursue an interest or continued study

Gathering to build and mentor productive team relationships

Gathering to develop and focus artistic creativity

Mountain Laurel Farm provides the environment. You supply the inspiration. Together we build the memorable experience.

Mountain Laurel Farm
Mountain Laurel Farm

Our History

This is the story of a family. It starts in the early 1970’s when a young family moved to the mountains of Northern Idaho seeking a safe and healthy place to learn, grow, and eventually teach.

A much-loved family farm was purchased and built into a small co-educational boarding school for young men and young women who were willing to take the opportunity to spend a year facing challenges of the mind, body, and spirit in an intentionally designed environment of intelligent daring. The young family grew with the farm – learning to be good stewards of their corner of the earth, raising healthy animals and gardens, climbing mountains, pushing themselves to discover their potential, and becoming life-long learners.

Many years later the family was drawn back to the healthy rhythms of learning, growing, teaching, and living in the Appalachian mountains on a small farm in Northeast Tennessee. Freedom Mountain Academy was born in 2000 to give young people of the twenty-first century their own opportunity to spend a year of work, study, and adventure in a program built upon the principles of the North Idaho school.

For seventeen years students from around America faced the challenges inherent in living and working in an environment so different from the one to which they were accustomed. Pushed to delve deeply into their hearts and minds, students faced and overcame challenges that allowed them to recognize and begin to build upon their natural potential. Working on the farm, studying relevant academics in the classroom, and hiking and living in the Appalachian mountains, they reconnected with themselves and their families and discovered a greater strength, hope, and love than they had known before.

Another generation of the family had grown up in the healthy, productive, and meaningful environment of a work, study, adventure boarding school and the time to transition in another direction had arrived again. In May 2017, Freedom Mountain Academy graduated its last class of adventurers, and the campus was gradually transformed to welcome a new group of people willing to participate in their own adventures of the mind, body, and spirit. Mountain Laurel Farm was born.

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